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Struggling With Love? Here are 3 Podcast Episodes to Help You Move Forward

What if I never find someone?

What if we can’t work this out?

How do I approach this difficult conversation?

How do I set boundaries without losing them?

I’m changing, so why can’t they?

While love is alive and thriving for many, as a clarity coach I often help folks work through the fears and uncertainty surrounding relationships, dating, and marriage because for every happily ever after, there's another tale of someone searching for companionship with little to no success.

And it sucks.

Because just as none of us are supposed to be walking this path alone, there's very little we can do once we invite someone else into the equation.

That’s why, regardless of the context or the specific situation, I always let my clients know that the doubts, fears, and hesitations they may be feeling when it comes to their relationships, whether they be romantic, platonic, or familial, are completely normal.

Those things you’re navigating and struggling with? It’s normal to be searching for the “perfect” answer or approach because we all want to do things “right”...

Unfortunately (or fortunately, depending on how you look at it), there is no one "right" way to do any of this.

This can be unfortunate if you’re clinging to the sidelines waiting for someone else to tell you what move to make next...

What text to send....

When to spend the night...

How many chances to give...

But it can also be fortunate if you allow yourself to figure out the way that works best for you...

What it is you're even looking for...

How you want to be treated by your partner...

How many partners you even wish to have...

I’ve had the pleasure of speaking about this permission and clarity as it relates to relationships on a few podcasts, so check the episodes highlighted below if you’re looking for more insight, perspective shifts, and tools to help you move forward in your relationship with yourself and others.

How To Redefine What You Want And Dating Success — Shot@Love with Kerry Brett

I joined Kerry to discuss the importance of clarity and honesty when it comes to defining the type of life you want to create and the time of person you’d like to experience it with, as well as how to handle the transitions that occur in your life, in and outside of relationships.

Feel The Fear And Do It Anyway — Shot@Love with Kerry Brett

I joined Kerry for a second episode, this time to discuss the fear we sometimes feel when it comes to the actual act of finding someone to be in relationship with. We talk about the power of using all of the tools available to you (yes, including dating apps) and how important it is to remember that rejection, while difficult, is simply redirection.

Uncertainty, Internal Noise Vs. External Noise, Pivoting, And The Importance Of Knowing Your Why - Hashtag No Filter with Julie Lauren

Julie and I sat down to discuss alignment, why people stay in relationships even when they know it’s not working out, how to tell the difference between external noise and internal noise, and why this discernment is key to creating the relationships and life you want to have.

Need more than an episode and want some personalized supporting in navigating this chapter of your story? Let's talk. Schedule a free consultation to learn more about my 1:1 coaching so that we can help you move towards the fulfilling relationship you desire with clarity and purpose.


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