• Diana Morris

Stop making molehills out of mountains

You know the phrase “making a mountain out of a molehill”?

Well what’s the catchy phrase for minimizing something that’s actually important?

You know, like when you let a “joke” slide because you don’t want to make anyone uncomfortable by calling them out…

Or when you ignore that little twinge in your gut and choose to stick with something because you “made a commitment”... even though you really don’t want to devote any more time, effort, or energy to it...

Or when you take on yet another take or responsibility out of “obligation”... even though you’re overbooked and under-rested.

In each of these examples, you’re taking a mountain and turning it into a molehill.

(I even drew you a Picasso-level graphic to demonstrate this 👇🏾)

But here’s the thing—

Lord willing you’re going to be here today, tomorrow, and the day after that and the day after that…

The time is passing by anyway, so why not spend it in ways that you actually feel good about?

Why not actually honor yourself as much as possible?

If you’re reading this and feeling like I’m talking to you, that’s because I am.

And I want you to know that there’s a difference between the type of inaction that comes from not knowing something

… and the type of inaction that comes from knowing something and choosing not to do something about it.

One is about circumstance.

The other is about decisions.

Now I know that it can be hard to flip a switch and start treating the mountains in your life with the respect and reverence they deserve and that it’s going to take some work to undo days, weeks, months, or even years of conditioning and habits, so here’s how you can start:

⛰️ Think through the stories you tell yourself and the stories you’ve been told about what’s possible, required, and optional for you and your life.

⛰️ Start identifying all the things that are mountains for you—things that are steadfast and sturdy.

⛰️ Then reflect on all the ways you’ve minimized them and—most importantly—why.

You might find that the things you once thought of as mountains aren’t mountains after all…

Maybe because they were never that important to begin with and you just thought they “should” be…

Or because you’ve reached a point where they don’t factor into your plans, needs, or desires as much as they used to.

Whatever the reason, just think about it and be honest with yourself.

(Because this act of deception—which is what it is when you minimize the things that are important to you—eventually throws off your inner compass and turns down the volume of your inner voice until you can no longer trust yourself and your instincts 😨).

So after all that, if you’re feeling the pull to reclaim your mountains…

… and limit the molehills…

… and get rid of the deception…

… and tune back into your inner compass…

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