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  • Who are these programs for?
    My programs are for you if: you’re looking for a fresh, objective perspective to help you navigate your life you have a specific challenge you need to address and/or you’re feeling a general sense of “stuck” and frustration that you want to move past you know that if you had someone to listen, you’d finally be able to hear your own thoughts you’re ready to take action and move past the limitations that have stunted or stopped your progress after years of doing what "everyone" says is "right" and investing your time, money and energy into school, work, and misplaced hope, you're finally ready to bet on yourself My programs are not for you if: you’re content with where you are in your life and aren’t looking to change anything you’re looking for someone else to give you all the answers or force you to do anything you allow fear to sabotage your success you're not ready to push past what's in front of you to what's waiting for you on the other side of your hesitations and excuses you are looking for professional mental health services or other forms of health care. These programs are NOT a substitute for that level of support and, while they may augment therapy or counseling, they are meant to be done when major emotional and psychological wounds are already healing or healed.
  • How do I get ready to work with you?
    You get "ready" by signing up! The most important thing to know is that you don't need to come to me with the "perfect problem," a clear idea of what you'd like to work towards, or any of the answers—that's literally what I help you with. Once you do sign up, you’ll be asked to complete my signature “Define and Align Inventory,” a questionnaire that guides you through identifying where you currently are in your journey and what your biggest, boldest goals are. This questionnaire serves as a foundation for our work together and is the first step in developing your customized strategy. So in addition to taking the first step for yourself by signing up and thoughtfully completing the Inventory, the best way to prepare for our time together is to extend yourself some grace and kindness, open yourself up to being audacious and imaginative, and be ready to do the work.
  • How and when do the sessions take place?
    All sessions are done via video conferencing and you will select your meeting date and time after registering.
  • Will I get notes or a recording from our session?
    Yes, you receive a playbook outlining your personalized action plan and customized resources and the one-on-one sessions are recorded and shared so you can revisit sections and review things in more detail.
  • How can I be sure that this will work for me? Are results guaranteed?
    As with most things in life, your success in these programs is completely dependent on the work and effort you put in. As your coach, I guarantee that I will bring 100% of myself to our interactions and provide a space for you to critically analyze where you’ve been, where you are, and where you want to go. In order to maximize the outcome and your investment, it is your responsibility to bring 100% of yourself to the experience, too. Success in these programs is whatever you make it (and together, we'll identify exactly what that success is for you).
  • Are there refunds?
    Given the nature of these programs, full commitment—including financial—is required. There are no refunds offered. Please be sure you read and understand the terms of the coaching agreement before committing to any program and if you have any questions before investing, please don’t hesitate to ask.
  • I have a question that isn’t listed here.
    Let's talk! Go ahead and book a free consultation so we can discuss this further or send any questions to me at
  • Are there other ways to work with you?
    I occasionally host workshops, speak at events, and participate in other engagement opportunities. While the page you're on right now covers all of my direct 1:1 coaching options, you can also learn from me via my books, online courses, and podcast interviews listed on my Resources page.
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