only three spots left for august 2020

Rx Intensive

a 3-hr virtual session for people who are beyond ready to feel like their authentic selves and move through life without restrictions   


To submit your application and receive additional information:

(1) Fully fill out the form (scroll to access additional questions if needed) > Hit Submit

(2) Monitor your email for a message from Diana with next steps (be sure to add to your safe sender list


Before working with Diana… it felt impossible for me to even make that first step because I didn't know which direction to take. It felt like there were so many options, the easiest route I could take was none. I would continue telling myself to take action once I was "ready."

I knew from other testimonials that my hesitation would be doing my own inner work... but it wasn't until our first session when Diana said that she was a complete stranger who didn't need to tell me what I had to do that it clicked for me—the questions she was asking were really the questions I needed to ask myself.

By working with Diana, I found that, up until that point, I was using methods I've used before in order to survive... and after working with her I understand that I can acknowledge those methods for what they were, but they don't work for me anymore. 


Rather than feeling like I needed to be different versions of myself at certain times, it helped me see that those parts of me are interconnected and that I am all, in any space. Permission not required. - Jeremy Y.