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Together, with the help of 3 trainings, we’ll pinpoint how you can stop doing “business as usual” so you can reclaim your workweek and have more control over your life, all without having to switch careers or start all over again.

Are you ready to go from being exhausted and working your life away to finally feeling like yourself in all ways, always, even on a mundane workday?

It’s time to stop counting down the minutes until you can clock out and time to start living the life you want to live 24/7.

my promise to you...

here's what you'll learn:

👉🏾 The real reason you’re constantly drained and dreading Monday mornings so you can finally take your wants and needs off of the back-burner and bring them to the forefront 24/7

👉🏾  How to do an internal deep dive to find fulfillment outside of your job 

👉🏾  How to use the skills, talents, and experiences you already have to create goalposts that you actually want to reach (and then actually reach them!)

👉🏾  The only 3 things you need to confidently build the life of your dreams

👉🏾  My secret tool for anticipating roadblocks and leveraging resources that’ll make your journey to success a lot smoother (hint: it’s a lot easier than you think)


training number 1

Even for folks who like their jobs, Sundays have universally come to signal the last burst of “freedom” before you need to shrink yourself to fit your job title and responsibilities. Come and learn the real reason you’re not as satisfied as you’d like to be.

training number 2

Sure, you’re spending a lot of time and energy on things, but is your to-do list actually moving the needle in a meaningful way? Make all the work you do in and outside of your job mean something in the grand scheme of your life by getting crystal clear about what you’re doing and why.

training number 3

No more dreams deferred. I’ll show you how to identify what you can do here and now to start making progress on your goals instead of waiting around for the “perfect” moment or set of circumstances to magically appear.

meet your course host

hello there!

My name is Diana Morris and I create a safe space for the uncomfortable journey of self-discovery by meeting you where you are, pinpointing your power, and helping you pivot into authenticity.
My specialty lies in helping entry- and mid-level career professions just like you define who they are and build a successful life outside of their job and resume. How? By using vital honesty, strategic action, and radical accountability to leverage previous experiences and current resources to get better, sustainable results in their career, relationships, and current circumstances—all without taking extreme actions or risks.

Consider me your personal blend of Grandmother Willow and Olivia Pope IRL. 

Ready to take back your workweek? Thought so.